The Benefits of Computerised Record Keeping

Computers The cornerstone of any successful business is organization, so it's important to have a handle on all your records.


Keeping track of these records can be bothersome or difficult but it doesn't have to be and ultimately it will help you become more efficient and effective.

The benefits of investing in an all-in-one computerised record keeping are numerous and varied and go so much farther than just making data entry easy. We all know that modern technology is moving at a fast pace and there is now a vast array of devices available to you, whether it be a traditional desktop PC, laptop, iPad or the very popular Tablet PCs that are appearing on the market almost daily. Whichever you choose there will be the software available that will suit the way you work.

Reports can be customised to show trends and just about any report can be generated at the press of a button and subsequently emailed to the relevant person in a flash. In the case of financial records, being able to produce a Profit and Loss Report or a Statement of Income easily and quickly, without involving bookeepers or accountants, can certainly help when it come to trying to acquire a loan or funding from the Bank.


Another important factor to consider is that more and more insurance companies are insisting upon computerised records when it comes to lameness claims. These records can be vitally important to both the horse owner and for the protection of your business, as the professional involved with treatment. Hands-on care might seem more important than records, but legal experts say that if you have not recorded something satisfactorily then legally it did not happen – making it very hard to deal with complaints.


There are many advantages of a computerised record keeping system and not just in keeping financial records. What about being able to show your clients that you have all their horse treatment history available at a click of a button? Not only in text format but digital images as well. For example, being able to produce a series of images that show how their horse's condition has improved since you have been providing treatment will give the client that important "feel good " factor and will go a long way towards keeping that client on board. Think about when you are taking your vehicle to the mechanic, do you not expect the shop to have a complete history on your vehicle? How about when you are sitting in a backless dressing gown at the doctor's office; isn't a time-saving computer printout preferable to a long wait while your doc thumbs through pages of handwritten notes on your file?


It is now becoming the norm for other equine professionals to share information, imaging in particular, in electronic format and many referral cases are handled via email today.


Having established that there are many advantages to keeping all your records in one place on a computer you now need to choose a system that works for you. There are now many choices including the latest technology that works on the Cloud. Please see our articile entitled Desktop Vs. Mobile.