The Need For Barefoot Manager

The Need For Barefoot ManagerThere are many needs for Barefoot Manager but the overall requirement is for record keeping. This is something often overlooked until the time comes when you need those records to hand. Click here to view a 15 minute video of Barefoot Manager or read on for detailed reasons why you should seriously consider Barefoot Manager as an invaluable business tool. Click here to read more about the need for record keeping.

Record Keeping

Barefoot Manager is a record keeping system. Every industry maintains records today and the Trimming industry is one of the last to adopt some form of official record keeping. Record keeping can consist of many areas such as a list of clients, horses, invoices and other financial records.


So why keep records? Well it is simple - to help serve the client better, to help share information with other professionals and to help run your business in the most efficient manner possible.


If you think this does not apply to you, then consider the following industries and ask yourself why they keep records: Vets, Doctors, Opticians, Garages. The list is endless. So just as you expect your garage to have a full service history of your vehicle, or for your doctor to know your full medical history, so your clients increasingly have come to expect you to have full records on their horses.


If you need to share information with someone else, then increasingly insurance companies and equine vets will not accept paper records, but will expect information transmitted electronically.


Images will be expected to be stored in electronic format. This of course helps you as you can compare images with last time for much better analysis of treatment.
Financial Management

By doing what you do every day, attend the client, invoice and receive payment plus entering expenses, you can reap the extra benefits the system provides. Invoicing will record all the financial information in the background, so you can analyse this at the press of a button at any time and react to changes immediately. This ensures that you maintain the best financial control of the business, which is critical in today's climate.


Finally, by adopting a record keeping system that is designed specifically for your industry, not only will you be helping yourself to run your business efficiently, but you will also be portraying a professional image, enhancing your client relationship and making you stand above others in the area.