An "all in one" solution

All in one

There is a very simple trap that every business can fall into without even knowing it and can so easily undo all the hard work we all put into our businesses. It has happened to us in the past and you are no different.


We all like to feel we are in control of our business in whatever aspect that might be. Indeed we all are, but there comes a time when a business expands beyond a certain point. That point is different for every business but is defined as when the workload becomes so much that you are spending more time managing the business than actually working in it.


This creeps up on us without us realising it. We are getting the same work done and coping with the extra load, but we forget about the time we are spending doing other things, typically the administration of the business. Again this takes many forms, but the central point is that this involves record keeping. The typical comment we find is that people will tell us that their record keeping system works for them perfectly well and of course it does, but what they tend to forget is that it is now actually "costing" them time. They have their client details stored in one place, their horse details somewhere else, images in another place and their accounts somewhere else. Nothing seems to tie in any more. It worked before so why not now?


Quite simply because the number of clients, workload or employees have increased, and it is now taking time to sort through all the extra records that have built up over time.


It is only now, when they can least afford the time, that they wonder why they never started out with some system where everything was in one place. If only they could press a button and instantly get all the details they need about a client or horse .


So our message is clear, it is best to think about this before the situation arises, but if it is too late then don't despair. Tackle the problem head on and find a solution before it gets any worse. Ignore the problem and you will find that you will spend more time working at managing the business than actually working to make profit.


Of course there is another advantage to an all in one solution and that is you can actually get far more information to help answer the questions you are trying to ask of the business. A professional all in one record keeping system will provide you with much more than you put into it. For example, can you tell using your existing system how much a client contributes to your business in percentage terms? Or can you find out at the click of a button how much profit you made this quarter compared to previous quarters? In other words, can you identify trends in the business? All these are crucial things you need to know about your business especially as it expands. With expansion comes increased responsibilities and you need some form of record keeping system to address and help you maintain those responsibilities.


It is never too late to change but leave it too long and the change will become harder.