Now in 2 versions
           Mobile or "Traditional"


The Perfect Partner for all your Mobile Devices!


Equine Manager runs on Android, iOS, Windows and is available via most Web Browsers.

All devices work Offline to maximize those situations where Internet connections are not available in remote areas.

Where a signal is available then full synchronization is available between devices via the Cloud database.

Monthly subscription includes access to all "apps" including free lifetime updates and support.


  If you don't want or need to use a Mobile Device then we have the answer!


Our "Traditional" version runs on Windows Desktop, Laptop and Tablet devices (Microsoft Surface RT is not supported but Microsoft Surface Pro is supported).

This is intended to be used as a "standalone" version for a single user where data is NOT to be shared.

Windows Vista upwards compatible including Windows 10. No Internet connection required other than for installation and upgrades. (This will run on Windows XP but Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft so we no longer oficially support Windows XP).

One off cost or 12 low cost monthly payments